Screaming Goats Dairy Farm

& Lee's Bees Dairy Goats  

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Belle is Screaming Goats Dairy Farm's mascot and goes to most outings with us. She was born April 27, 2014 with a deformed shoulder. We think the cause of it was her twin brother took up most of the room in the womb. She could not stand and her dam rejected her. We took Belle into the house and taught her how to stand, walk, and take a bottle. Soon Belle was all over the house. A few weeks later, we took Belle to Redstone Village to visit the patients. They all lit up when they saw Belle because most of them lived on a farmer during their childhood. For a while, Belle had to visit a chiropractor to help straighten out her body. This help a lot, and now Belle can roam the property with out pain. Belle visited Triad Martial Arts - Huntsville, University Pickers, and several other events while she was still small. Now Belle goes to the Locust Grove Farmer's Market on cooler days. On May 8 2015, Belle gave birth to a beautiful doeling, Briar Rose. Belle's favorite snacks are potato chips, fig bars, and Piper and Leaf's tea. On May 10, 2016, Belle had a little boy Gaston. 

Check out Belle's Instagram page! Almost daily, Belle "posts" pictures of herself and "writes" about herself. Find her at